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7 Great Tips To Save Money on Car Parts and Maintenance

Taking care of your car maintenance can be very rewarding if done properly so here's a list of seven tips that can help you save money on your car parts and service.

1. A well tuned car can has a fuel consumption from 25% to 33% lower than a poorly tuned car making a tune-up cheaper than driving without it, tuning your car for better performance can save you between $150 and $250 per year.

2. Regardless of the number of miles the manual recommends a oil change and filter change you should change them every 3,000 miles. This is one of the most important factors in your engine's life since it's going to prolong your engine's life and you're going to save on engine car parts. The potential savings are $500 to $3000.

3. Dirty air filter means more gasoline used and reduces the engine's life so you should check it regularly, maybe monthly. The air filter can be cleaned by blowing it with a hose or can be replaced. You can save about $130 per year..

4. Using steel-belted radial tires can increase the number of miles you make per year by up to 10%, saving this way about $130 per year.

5. Most cars, don't work better on premium gas, so, unless your car is pinging or knocking you shouldn't use higher octane gas. If your car doesn't have a high performance engine, using the gas that best suits your car's engine can save you $200 to $400 per year.

6. Having under inflated tires makes your engine burn about 6% more gas so make sure you check your tire pressure regularly.

7. If your tires are improperly balanced the tread on them will be destroyed. In addition, your suspension and shock absorbers can be damaged leading to more expense on car parts and service. Balancing your tires once a year can add thousands of miles to their life.

About the Author

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Written by: Ispas Marin


Audi Car Part

Audi car parts are supplied by the company for its thousands of valuable customers all over the nation and the world. Customers can purchase Audi car parts through out the nation from the authorized dealers and franchise for replacing their vehicle's aging components. The company encourages its dealers to provide Audi car parts to its customers at the original value.

Most of the people consider owning an Audi luxury car as a prestige symbol. And when you purchase a brand new Audi car, you need not have to worry for several years as everything will be checked and cleared by the manufacturing company. Your vehicle will perform well for many years as your car and its mechanics will surely go fine without any problem. Hence there is no question of Audi car parts.

But when you use your car for a long time your car parts comes to breaks down and you will be forced to replace your old car part with new Audi car part. This is applicable with any vehicle as no car parts possible survive during the entire life time of a car. Also is the case when you have a rough ride on the highway or a small crash which will result in a broken bumper or a damage of your vehicle axle. In any of the case you have to replace your damaged Audi car part with a new Audi car part. Mostly in the situation you will be searching for an Audi car part dealer to buy the necessary Audi car part.

The company, as a part of their on road support for the sold Audi cars, sells Audi car parts through its numerous authorized Audi car part dealers and service stores. The list of the Audi car parts available in the stores is far long and exhaustive. You can replace any of your old Audi car parts with a brand new one. Some example of the Audi car parts available in the stores include axles, brakes, catalytic converters, transmissions, headlights, fuel pumps, radiator and wishbones. All these Audi car parts are tested by the company for quality and better performance.

When you are about to purchase Audi car parts make sure that you know the model of you Audi car. This is because each Ford car parts comes to suit a definite model, hence knowing the make and model of your vehicle is important while purchasing Audi car parts. Purchasing a correct Audi car part to your vehicle will ensure better performance and comfort.

Another important factor a customer has to keep in mind is that, nowadays there are lots of fraudulent Audi car parts available in the stores. So it is always better to make sure that you are purchasing the original Audi car parts. Though it is true that fraudulent Audi car parts will be available at a cheaper rate, it cannot provide you the same quality and performance an original Audi car part can provide. Hence make sure that you are purchasing an original Audi car part provided by the company. Try to purchase Audi car parts from any authorized dealers or franchises. Check the company site to know the list of authorized dealers in your town. After all, an authentic Audi car part will ensure your vehicle a much long life and quality performance.

About the author:

Saurya Ghosal for http://www.autopartsstoresonline.com Read more about Auto Parts http://www.autopartsstoresonline.com/Volvo-Car-Part.html Copyright 2005 http://www.autopartsstoresonline.com

Written by: Saurya Ghosal


Auto Parts Deal Offers Solution to Your Common Car Problems

Like all of us, cars occasionally get sick as well; thus, they need to be regularly checked and maintained to keep them in proper working condition as much as possible. Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape and condition--whether it's a regular passenger car, a truck, a sport utility or a van--may require you to change some of its auto parts, especially if your vehicle is an older model. Car parts wear out over time so you would need to upgrade them or replace them with higher quality parts.

This is where Auto Parts Deal can be of great help to you. This leading auto parts dealer provides the best options for your replacement part needs. The store offers top of the line BMW parts, Mercedes Benz parts, Ford truck parts, Chevrolet parts and so much more. Whether you are in need of auto parts to upgrade your auto, enhance its looks or simply to replace worn out or faulty parts, you can count on Auto Parts Deal.

Aside from top quality automotive products, you can find here the best deals even on hard to find auto parts for older vehicles. All parts are sourced from the top auto parts manufacturers so be confident that you are getting no less than the best and perfect-fit auto parts for your auto.

Today's featured products include OEM-quality body and exterior auto parts like hood, bumpers, doors, fender, spoilers, wheels and headlights. These parts are exposed to a lot of damaging factors so they need to be properly maintained. The wheels specially are the ones closest to the road so they must be kept in perfect condition all the time.

Explore the store's web site to know more of these products and also for you to see Auto Parts Deal's wider range of auto parts. Meanwhile, you can check the following automotive information, which you may need as you maintain your vehicle.

Auto Parts Deal imparts to you some technical know-how on common car problems. Before you proceed to buy your replacement parts, check if these signs and symptoms are present in your car's systems and parts.

Overheating. You would know your car is overheating when steam starts to billow from your engine compartment. There are many reasons why a car overheats; one could be the lack of water and coolant in the cooling system. Furthermore, there could be some damages to the cooling system parts like the radiator, the water pump and the gaskets. Your car may also be overloaded so you need to unload some of your cargoes.

In case you need replacement radiators, you can go to Auto Parts Deal. Available are hard wearing and high quality Ford radiators, Chevrolet radiators,GMC radiators, Jeep radiators and Honda radiators.

Starting Failure. If your engine fails to start, there could be something wrong with the ignition system. The starter could be damaged and needs to be replaced. Also, check the fuel filter. Even when not specified in your manual, you need to replace the fuel filter often, not just clean it, to ensure that your engine is getting clean fuel for combustion. This further ensures your vehicle's maximum performance.

Brake failure. If your brake fails to hold and you hear screeching sound, better go to a mechanic immediately and have your brake checked. Faulty brakes are among the major causes of car accidents so don't wait for another day to go to a repair shop. Moreover, check your tires and wheels.

Replacement wheels can be bought at Auto Parts Deal as well. Remanufactured and new alloy and steel wheels with or without hubcaps, including best quality Jeep wheels, Mazda wheels, BMW wheels and Toyota wheels are available.

Rust and Corrosion. Over time, some parts of your car may wear out due to rust. This is especially true to body panels, including the doors, the hood, and the fenders. Rust is not good for your car since it could depreciate the value of your vehicle. The best way to avoid it is to clean your vehicle regularly.

If your body parts have been severely damaged by rust, you may have no other choice but to replace them. Keeping them good looking is a must, especially if still wish to resell it in the future in case you would want to buy a new and more up-to-date model. You can check out the store's featured exterior parts and body panels such as Toyota doors, Ford hood and Honda fender.

About the author:

As a manager of one of the largest auto stores in Springfield,Massachussets, Sarah has extensive expertise on auto parts and automotives in general. This 42 year old is a certified car enthusiast.

Written by: Sarah McBride

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