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Is there any question from you? The most common subjects are covered as follows:

Can you really get a free car?

You may have heard rumours that you can get a free car. Well, this is not exactly true.

As the old adage goes, you can't get something for nothing and this holds true in this case.

You can however ALMOST get a free car.

Why do I say almost?

Because you are going to put your car in a job!

That's right!

Advertising companies are willing to employ your car to display logos, signs and almost any sort of fluffy toy that suits their marketing campaign.

You see, advertising space has become very crowded and advertisers in their wisdom have worked out that people actually pay attention when they are driving.

Otherwise they will crash. Now that's not rocket science is it?

Well, if you know anything about advertising you will realise that the first step of the Ultimate Advertising Mantra is.


And so we have the perfect advertising medium.

So yes it's true, they will pay you and in some cases you can actually cover your loan repayments, which means in effect.

You are getting a free car.

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About the Author

Graeme J. Sprigge is the author of 28 Dynamite Money-Making & Money-Saving Cartips - a free ebook which explores every nook of money saving and some money making ideas with cars. You can get it here. http://www.90minutecarsalesman.com/28cartipsdownload.html

Written by: Graeme J. Sprigge



How to jump start a dead car battery?

Here are few tips and instructions on jump starting a dead battery. First things first, though. You need to inspect the dead battery. If you see any damage such as leaks or cracks. DO NOT go any further. Put away the jumper cables and call a wrecker. A damaged battery can explode and really hurt you. If the battery looks ok, then park the cars close enough to each other for the jumper cables to reach and shut off both engines. Now make sure the terminals are not caked with corrosion. Try to clean them off as best you can. A corroded terminal will make it a lot harder to jump the battery. At this point you are ready to hook up your jumper cables to the batteries. (Normally, the red cable is (+) positive and black cable is (-) negative)

They must be connected in this exact order:
1.Connect one end of the (+) positive cable to the (+) positive terminal on the dead battery.
2.Connect the other end of the (+) positive cable to (+) positive terminal on the good battery.
3.Connect one end of the (-) negative cable to (-) negative terminal on the good battery.
4.Connect the other end of the (-) negative cable to the engine block of the dead car.

You are ready to start up the good carís engine and charge the dead battery. First of all, shut off all electrical equipment on the good car. (head lights, radio, etc.) Let the good carís engine run for a minute or so before you attempt to start the dead one. Now get in the dead car and attempt to crank it. If it sounds like it wants to start but wonít quite get there, give it some more time and try again. When the dead has started and is running, it is time to remove the jumper cables. This must be done in reverse order.

Here are the steps:
1.Disconnect (-) negative cable from the engine block on dead car.
2.Disconnect (-) negative cable from the (-) negative terminal on the good battery.
3.Disconnect (+) positive cable from the (+) positive terminal on the good battery.
4.Disconnect (+) positive cable from the (+) positive terminal on the dead battery.

After the dead car has been running for a while, turn it off. See if will start on its own. If it does, you should be ok on the drive home. If not, jump it again and have someone follow you home. When you arrive at home, you can then put a battery charger on it all night and see if it cranks in the morning.

About the Author

Jason is the webmaster for Red Hill Supply - Online Air Tools

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